Our Story

"Crafting Dreams, One Design at a Time - Our Story at Harzo Designs

In the heartwarming chapter that is Harzo Designs, the journey commenced in 2021, ignited by the shared passion and partnership of Bradford and Rori Smith. What started as a creative spark soon evolved into a business venture dedicated to creating beautiful pieces to share with others.

United by love and a mutual fascination for design, the husband and wife duo set their sights on the world of handcrafted charcuterie boards, cutting boards, and chopping blocks. With skilled hands and a commitment to quality, they masterfully transform raw materials into exquisite pieces that marry form and function seamlessly.

However, Harzo Designs doesn't merely rest at traditional craftsmanship. The story evolves with the infusion of innovation, as they explore the mesmerizing realm of epoxy boards, a breathtaking fusion of vibrant colors and resilient materials. Beyond this, their artistic journey extends to the realm of candles and an array of other captivating craft items.

Each piece is a testament to their dedication and vision, carefully curated to evoke a sense of awe and admiration. As you delve into Our Story, you'll witness not just a timeline, but a symphony of dedication, creativity, and the power of shared dreams. Join us in celebrating the chapters that have shaped Harzo Designs into what it has become and what it will be in the future."